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As healthcare workers, we all face a wide range of hazards on the job, including blood and body fluid exposures, needlesticks, slips and falls, musculoskeletal injuries related to lifting and repositioning patients, and even workplace violence.

While healthcare remains the largest and fastest-growing sector of the U.S. economy, employing approximately 17 million workers, virtually everyone in the industry is susceptible to hazards on the job, including nurses, physicians, therapists, and many other dedicated professionals. These injuries occur every single day of the year… in hospitals, nursing homes, dental offices, out-patient surgery centers, birthing centers, trauma centers, home healthcare, and countless other medical venues around the globe. Our mission is to help reduce the number and severity of those injuries.

Ask A Safety Consultant:
I had my first one a few months ago. It was my first night on trauma and I was doing a central line and managed to stab myself with the scalpel while trying to blot the blood up so I could see where I was. I was pretty shaken the rest of the night, even after talking to the guy's wife who said he's clean.”
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We are kicking off our inaugural Safety Zone series with a story about Teresa Boynton, an occupational therapist and certified safe patient handling professional who has decades of experience in healthcare injury prevention and risk management.
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This phrase lives inside each and every healthcare worker.  We strive to give the best care to each and every patient and cause no harm.  However, we are faced with situations that create a great challenge. Every day healthcare workers
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Since the Federal Needle-Stick Injury and Prevention Act in 2000 [1] many healthcare organizations have adopted safety-engineered sharps devices (SED).  Thank goodness that our government took notice because safety engineered devices have greatly reduced needle-stick injuries (NSI) in our healthcare
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Health-care workers are hit, kicked, scratched, bitten, spat on, threatened and harassed by patients with surprising regularity. In a 2014 survey, almost 80 percent of nurses reported being attacked on the job within the past year.
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Last week the hospital I work for was knee deep in hosting a Joint Commission reaccreditation visit. Just in case you haven’t been introduced to the Joint Commission’s goal, the focus of a visit is to evaluate processes that affect
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